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The Grateful Koi Policy Library

The policies below are intended to provide the highest level of ethical service while protecting The Grateful Koi so we may continue to serve others. 

Policy Library

Please review the documents below as they are referenced within the Informed Consent and Waiver form. The policies below must be reviewed and acknowledged prior to receiving Reiki-related services from The Grateful Koi. 

IARP Registered Reiki Professional

This document describes in-person and distance Reiki-related treatment protocols, ethical expectations, policies, and procedures. Please review and acknowledge this document to complete the Informed Consent and Waiver of Liability form. 

This document describes the legal limitations of Reiki as related to healthcare, treatment, and diagnosis. Distance Reiki protocols are also outlined to discuss overall procedure and client contact requirements. 

This document serves as a tool to protect The Grateful Koi and its employees from unforeseen incidents and events. 

As a registered member of the IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals), The Grateful Koi has agreed to abide by the IARP Code of Ethics. These guidelines are intended to provide the highest level of ethical service to communities served. 

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