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Why Angel Card Readings Are Like Calling Your BFF

When it comes to the metaphysical toolbox, most people have heard of Tarot cards and their use in psychic readings. Angel or Oracle cards are basically the lesser known, highly-effective and ever-encouraging cousin of Tarot cards. My intention for this post is to delve into the benefits of Angel card utilization and discuss why they are such invaluable tools for accessing divine guidance.

For ease of navigation and reference, key segments are outlined below:


What Are Angels, Really?

Angels are non-denominational heavenly beings. Angels are the thoughts and messengers of The Creator and were never previously human. As with our society, there is also a hierarchy of angels which includes angels, guardian angels, and archangels, amongst other higher level angelic beings. Like Source, angels love us all unconditionally and are always willing and waiting to help us in any way possible.

These loving beings are also fully vested with the power and abilities of God to help us. Angels have the ability to be omnipresent (at multiple places at the same time), and can help us release emotional energies that no longer serve us such as anger, judgement, fear, grief, and jealousy. Like humans, angels and archangels also have unique abilities and talents, making some more suited to help with certain situations than others. However, one does not need to know the specific angel to call on when in need. Simply calling on "the angels" will ensure that the appropriate angel will come forward at that time, based on one's situational and personal needs.

Guardian Angels

According to Kyle Gray, a talented medium, angel expert, and intuitive teacher, we all have our own guardian angel who we have known since the creation of our soul. This angel is literally our BFF who knows us better than anyone. Guardian angels can send us messages through our claires (the psychic senses which mimic physical senses like touch, sight, smell, etc.), or through numbers, synchronicities (strings of meaningful coincidences), divination tools like oracle cards, or even through other people. Our guardian angel is our biggest supporter and is always present and available to care for us and guide us.


Archangels are a higher level angel who assist and manage the angels. Some examples of archangels and their specialty are listed below for your reference:

  • Archangel Ariel - Lioness of God (helps with new endeavors, angel of healers, animals, and environmental work, works with those working with animals). Color = pale pink

  • Archangel Michael - The Protector (protects and guides, cuts chords, removal of negative energy and attachments, support of light-workers). Color = blue

  • Archangel Raphael - The Healer (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical healing, protection while traveling, support of healing professions). Color = green

  • Archangel Uriel - God's Light (removal of darkness, bringer of joy, supports energetic balance and harmony, revealer of creative potential). Color = pale yellow

  • Archangel Gabriel - The Messenger of God (communication, nurtures and protects all of God's children, help with fertility and pregnancy, healing of our 'inner-child')

  • Archangel Chamuel - The Finder (helps with finding careers, lost objects, life path, helps heal anxiety, sleeping issues, repairs scattered energy). Color = pale green

  • Archangel Zadkiel - Angel of Mercy or "The Righteousness of God" (helps with forgiveness, improves memory and mental functions, helps clear away lower energy). Color = dark blue

Like our very best friends, Angels do not judge us harshly when we make mistakes or feel shame over a specific situation. They long to help us and are more than willing to help ease our suffering when asked. This is not to say that Angels will always remove that which makes us suffer, as these obstacles inspire critical learning, change, and growth. While the Angels are authorized to intervene in times of life or death situations, due to the law of free will, we must first ask them for help with all other matters.


How Angels Can Help


While there is really no limit to what the Angels can help with, below are some examples:

Offering support

Aiding in forgiveness of self or others

Healing of physical, spiritual, and emotional wounds

Love and relationships

Business, finance and career

Life purpose

Issues with family or friends

Health and wellness

Issues with self-esteem

Separation from Source, isolation and loneliness

+ so much more, just ask!


What Are Angel Cards?

Angel cards also known as Oracle cards are an example of a divination tool. Divination tools are resources that when combined with one's intention, can be used as a medium to facilitate communication with non-physical/spiritual entities. Per Wikipedia, "The word oracle comes from the Latin verb ōrāre, "to speak" and properly refers to the priest or priestess uttering the prediction...Oracles were thought to be portals through which the gods spoke directly to people." These cards contain words, artwork, and sometimes an accompanying guidebook to help the reader form a direct line of communication with high-vibrational beings to gain meaning and understanding regarding a specific intention, time, or situation.

From a religious perspective, divination tools often carry a stigma as they have been associated with occult use. However, as mentioned above, divination tools are resources to be combined with one's intention to facilitate spiritual communication. This means that the individual determines how they intend to utilize these tools. Based on this intention, these tools can be utilized to connect with either high-vibrational beings such as God, angels, the higher-self, spirit guides, ascended masters, religious figures, ancestors, etc., or lower vibrational beings (i.e. earthbound spirits, negative or demonic entities, etc.).

Angel Cards vs. Tarot Cards: What's the Difference ?

Angel cards have both similarities and dissimilarities when compared to the tarot. Angel cards are not usually as structured as the tarot and the artwork and content can vary greatly from deck to deck. Additionally, the specific messages within these decks tend to be more positive and inspiring. This is because the angels are always going to send messages with a positive connotation. They aim to inspire and motivate, even when dealing with sensitive or painful subjects. The card count within an angel or oracle deck generally has about 44, but may vary based on the designer and their creative inspiration.

Tarot on the other hand always contains 78 cards with additional consistencies related to card content and structure. These decks are also broken down into categories such as the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The 22 Major Arcana cards, numbered 0 - 21, deal with major events or most significant life themes. The remaining 56 Minor Arcana cards are broken down into 4 suits; Wands, Swords, Pentacles, and Cups. Each suit relates to a different element (air, water, fire, or earth), and carries a more situational focus. These cards help to expound upon Major Arcana card themes as a kind of subtext. The aim of the tarot is to tell more of a story. As with any story, the content may be either positive or negative to accomplish the goal of having greater understanding and awareness.

Both types of cards can be used singularly or in groups of cards called "spreads" to perform personal readings, readings for others, during meditation, as daily affirmations, or for situational guidance. In any case, it is important to treat your cards as sacred. This means ensuring that they are cleansed regularly and kept in a safe space, away from the influence of other people's energies. It is also important to select a deck that speaks to you. When you enjoy working with a deck, it facilitates the flow of energy and information, and makes practicing a lot more fun!

What Are Angel Card Readings?

In this type of reading, Oracle cards are used as a tool to communicate directly with our higher selves, our guardian angels and the Archangels. Angels will work with these cards and with our personal spirit teams and intuition to send messages and answer pertinent questions. The insight and accuracy of these readings is truly amazing. This is because our angels see into our core and hear the questions we have within our hearts, not just what we've asked them with our words. Even when the answer challenging, the messages received will always be positive and encouraging. This is because we are all capable of so much more than we believe, and our angels LOVE to guide us toward our soul's truest purpose.

What to Expect During a Reading

When meeting with a client in person or over the phone, I begin by sealing our energies and space(s) for protection by asking God, the Angels, and each of our spiritual teams for assistance during the reading. I will then take a few moments to “open” in order to receive spiritual guidance on behalf of the sitter (person receiving the reading) for their greatest and highest good. l will then set the intention that the chosen oracle deck is blessed and utilized to provide insights on behalf of the sitter. After the opening prayer is completed, I will begin to shuffle the cards. During this time, the sitter may ask their first question.

Angel cards can be used singularly or in groups of cards called "spreads" to conduct readings. A single card pull is great for performing personal readings, to aid in meditation, as a daily affirmation, or for situational guidance. For professional readings, I will conduct a 3-card pull. In this scenario, the first card represents the past, the second represents the present and/or the related recommended action, and the third represents the outcome or future. Throughout the reading, additional cards may be pulled intuitively or may even "jump out" when the cards are handled. This is not by coincidence and these cards will be included within the reading.

I understand that some readers allow the sitter to pick their own cards, however this is not how I choose to operate. In an effort to practice appropriate energetic hygiene, I do not let others touch any of my cards, ever. In my experience, physically touching the cards (as the sitter) does not effect the outcome of the reading one way or the other. This is because I have already placed the intention to receive information on the sitter's behalf. This precaution is to prevent energetic transfer from one reading to the next, as this can really muddy the reading experience for both clients and myself. I take great care to ensure that myself, my environment, and the tools I choose to utilize are constantly cleared of residual and negative energies.

Angels also have various communication channels to choose from when communicating during these readings. Information can be relayed to either the reader (person giving the reading) or the sitter (person receiving the reading) as follows:

  • Verbatim through text or imagery within the card

  • When additional "unexpected" cards fall or fly out while handling the deck

  • Imagery via physical or inner vision aka "clairvoyance"

  • Thoughts or informational downloads aka "claircognizance"

  • Audible words, sounds, phrases, etc. via physical or inner hearing aka "clairaudience"

  • Familiar tastes via physical or inner tastebuds aka "clairgustance"

  • Emotions or physical sensations within the body aka "clairsentience"

  • Familiar smells via physical or inner senses aka "clairalience"

  • Through any other unexpected event which occurs during the reading

Given the multitude of methods for spiritual and angelic communication, it is especially important that both the reader and the sitter do their best to relax, remain objective, and not brush anything off during a reading. If something happens during the reading, it is part of the reading. It is also worth mentioning that the intensity of the aforementioned occurrences is unlikely to mimic anything one might have observed in a movie. Sensations and messages from the spirit world and our angels can be extremely subtle. This means that if you are waiting for the fireworks to happen, you might miss the falling feather beside you.

Note: While it is completely possible to perform an angel reading for yourself, it can be a bit harder to remain objective. If searching for the answer to a significant or high-stakes issue, it may be best to work with a trusted and practiced reader. This is true for both private enthusiasts and professional readers.

My Training

As an Advanced Angel Practitioner, I have satisfied certification requirements related to Charles Virtue's angel reading methodology and successfully demonstrated proficiency in angelic and spiritual communication with Jeanne Russell, a Certified Angel Practitioner, Medium, Channel, Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. Even after conducting (and receiving) many angel card readings, I am still amazed by the accuracy and insight these cards provide. I love working with angelic energy and am honored and excited to be able to help others receive their divine messages when needed.


How to Make The Most Out of Your Angel Card Reading

Take notes or record your session. Information can come quickly and be overwhelming, so taking notes or recording your session can be helpful. Please note that in an effort to maintain client privacy, I do not record sessions.

Prepare questions and bring them with you to the reading. This helps as it is quite common for people to get caught up in the experience and forget all of the things they wanted to know.
Do your best to have an open mind and heart. Being objective and listening to understand allows us to expand our perspective and grow beyond cognitive limitations.
Practice meditating on what was said during the reading. This is a great way to sit with those feelings and/or concepts to gain more information and process further.
Relax and reflect. Be fully aware of the present moment and give yourself alone time to process anything that has come to the surface.

Not everything said during a reading may immediately resonate, but know that whatever is said is what the angels needed you to hear at that time.

Practice calling on your angels. You will never bother them, and you don't need to worry about being needy. Speak to them, welcome them into your life, ask them daily for feedback and guidance, send gratitude to them each day. They are more than willing to help, we just need to ask!


Additional Resources


Interested in experiencing an Angel Card Reading for yourself?

Have additional questions or concerns before scheduling?

Just ask!

P: (602) 323.6866



About Me

Hi and thank you for stopping by! My name is Danielle Gonzales and I am a professionally trained Psychic, Medium, Channel, Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Angel Practitioner, Intuitive Card Reader, and Physical Empath. This means that I can feel your energy and that of spirit (human, animals, angels, guides, etc.) to receive messages and insights through sight, sounds, physical and emotional sensations, and intuitive understanding.

As an Arizona native, I've spent the past 15 years in healthcare, obtaining my B.S. in Business and Healthcare Management in 2021. Although this work made an impact, I felt that I could be of service in a deeper, more meaningful way. I began training as a professional psychic-medium in 2017, achieving Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki training and attunements in the years to follow. In 2022, I obtained certification as an Advanced Angel Practitioner, and completed advanced channeling training in 2023. ​

​Prior to stepping into this space, I believed that my sensitivities were more of a curse than a blessing. With the help of experienced mentors, ongoing self-work, continuous training, and my spiritual team, I now see my sensitivities as what they really are; blessings and tools to help others. The gratitude I hold for this transformation and to source are the foundation of all that I do. 

To learn more about me and how I work, click here.

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