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Understanding Mediumship and Intuitive Readings

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

This post aims to educate and inform on the mysterious and convoluted subjects of psychic mediumship and intuitive readings. It is my hope that the following explanations help "pull back the curtains" by addressing some of the stigmas and logistics associated with these practices.

Since this is a somewhat lengthy post, I've included some quick links below:


The Stigma

I would first like to say that while mediumship on its own is an interesting subject, it carries quite a stigma. Across time, psychics and mediums have been hailed as witches, charlatans, or even mentally ill. Whether mediumship was perceived positively or negatively, these associations created a divide between those who knowingly possess these sensitivities and those who do not.

While there is no doubt that there are those who practice or claim to practice as a psychic or medium unethically, there are also countless mediums and psychics who have pure intentions and unfathomable abilities. Further, every single person has the ability to tap into their intuition to receive information. If everyone has the potential to develop these abilities to some extent, are psychic-mediums really so different from the masses?

There are also various negative religious-based connotations associated with the practice of mediumship and psychics in general. I understand and respect that these types of stigmas are deeply ingrained and very hard to change. While I can’t generalize how each psychic or medium operates, I can confirm the way I personally connect to spirit is through the grace and protection of God, his angels, and my guides.


Those who are called to this work and choose to do so for the good of others are called Light-workers. Light-workers are souls who have chosen to reincarnate into this world with a very specific mission. These missions can be diverse in nature and in purpose (psychics, healers, mediums, teachers, caregivers etc.), but carry the same underlying intention of bringing the balance of vibration or energy to a higher frequency. Simply put, Light-workers are here to be a light in the darkness to help others find their way.

This does not mean that those who consider themselves a Light-worker are better, superior, more magical, or all-knowing. This simply means that those who have chosen to follow the path of spiritual development and enlightenment have a deep soulful calling to do so. They have chosen to pursue this path to help others because it fills their lives with meaning and purpose. They have overcome hardship, they have lost those they love, they have battled their own personal demons; but the light inside of them remains.


Energy is everything, everywhere, all at once. Energy is in every single thing in this universe from the stars to the cells in our bodies, to the energy that remains once our bodies return to the earth. Energy vibrates at different levels or frequency, based on its attributes and density. The vibration of this energy can impact surrounding objects or living things, changing their vibration as well. This is known as energy transference or exchange.

If energy is everything and everywhere, all at once, this means that energy is both infinite and timeless. It cannot be created nor destroyed, but merely transmuted to alternate forms (Einstein). This also means that not only are people energy, but so are spirits, emotions, objects, and thoughts. The concept that energy is everywhere and infinite also means that we are all connected; as a whole and to one another.


Emotions are simply clusters of energy in varying forms which can be tangibly felt. Emotional energy can be created and exchanged. While people often refer to emotions as either good or bad, positive or negative, all emotions have a purpose and are necessary. We could not fully appreciate joy without first experiencing sorrow. Emotions act as a sort of compass to help us understand who we are and what makes us whole. Emotions serve as a path of communication between our bodies and souls.

People often refer to negative emotions as “heavy” which is quite literal. Emotions such as shame, anger, sadness, guilt, anxiety, rage, confusion, etc. carry more density and weigh us down, impacting us mentally, spiritually, and physically. In terms of how these emotions impact us, they lower our vibration and make us feel more disconnected and alone. Conversely, emotions such as happiness, gratitude and love are often referred to as “lighter” and help us feel more connected to life and to those around us.

What is a Psychic?

Psychics are perceptive of and highly sensitive to the energy of people, places, and things. Everything and everyone stores information within their energetic field or aura. Since our spirits are infinite and timeless (not simply existing within the past, present, or future as we conceptualize), psychics are able to access this information as it relates to what we understand as the past, the present, or the future. Note: All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

What is a Medium?

Mediums are perceptive of and highly sensitive to the energy of people, places, things, as well as higher and lower dimensional beings, spirits, and entities. This is because energy vibrates at different levels. While on earth, non-spirit entities (humans, animals, objects, locations, structures, etc.) are denser and vibrate at a lower rate. Spirits aren't weighed down by the physical and therefore vibrate at much higher frequencies. Mediums have the ability to adjust their frequency to connect across multiple levels, similar to an AM/FM radio. Mediums are able to perceive subtle changes within themselves, their environment, their emotions, etc. as these changes may actually be communication from spirit, or the manifestation of residual energetic imprints within an object, entity, or environment. Mediums are also able to perceive and receive information through various psychic senses such as seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling, sensing, and knowing.

How Mediumship Works

Since no two people are the same, no two mediums are the same either. Each medium has their own unique set of abilities, symbols, and protocols. Further, each spirit also has their own communicative abilities and preferences. For example, people who were quiet in life are likely to be quiet (and sometimes more difficult to communicate with) in spirit. While most psychic-mediums have developed several or all of their abilities by the time you meet with them, different mediums may prefer using certain abilities over others.

Information is also received differently by the spiritual senses as opposed to the physical senses. In the physical world, information can be received simultaneously by various senses at once. For example, when you walk into the kitchen, you can see the stove, hear the bacon cooking and smell it at the same time. In spiritual communication, information is received sequentially. This means that you might first see the image of the kitchen, then hear the crackling sound of the oil in the pan, and lastly smell the familiar scent of bacon.

What to Expect During a Reading

When meeting with a client in person or over the phone, I begin by sealing our energies and space(s) for protection by asking God, the Angels, and each of our spiritual teams for assistance during the reading. I will then take a few moments to “open” in order to receive spiritual guidance on behalf of the sitter for their greatest and highest good. Spirit communicates with me by using words, sounds, images, ideas, smells, emotions, and physical sensations. In addition to these internal cues, spirit may prompt me to work with spiritual tools such as Oracle or Tarot cards, crystals, or the pendulum. I may also actively take notes to reference during the reading as the information can come very quickly.

In addition to working with the energy of spirit during the reading, I utilize the same spiritual senses to tune into my clients’ energies as well. This often presents as a form of deep empathy which allows me to feel physical sensations or emotions related to the client. This profound experience enables me to meet clients where they are in order to relay sensitive information and guidance when necessary.

I am also able to sense the energy of objects and environments as well as people/spirits. This is useful during readings, as people may choose to bring an object once belonging to or affiliated with their loved one. Clients are also encouraged to bring or provide a photo of their loved one to facilitate a connection. This sensitivity is also extremely helpful when performing home blessings and energetic cleansing.

When communicating with a specific spirit, they will use various methods to transmit details about themselves to help prove their identity. Evidential mediumship occurs when spirits provide personal details or memories to the medium that they would otherwise have no way of knowing. This process can be extremely healing and cathartic because it demonstrates how our loved ones continue to thrive and support us even after physical death.

The best readings flow, like a conversation. This does not mean you will be lead to subconsciously or consciously provide information in lieu of actual psychic information. However, providing confirmation or asking for clarification during a reading can greatly facilitate the energy flow throughout the reading. This can be as simple as a head nod or answering “yes” to the question “does that make sense?” There will also be time towards the end of the reading to ask additional questions.

At the end of the reading, I will thank spirit and both of our spiritual teams for their help during the reading, as well as any spirits who came forward. I will disconnect any “chords” of connection between myself and the client to practice appropriate energetic hygiene.


Preparing for Your Reading:


Special Considerations

It is important to mention that because both humans and spirits have free will, I cannot control or guarantee the presence of a specific spirit or loved one at that specific time. While it is completely possible that your loved ones in spirit are already aware of your intent to communicate (and could have even guided you to seek out a medium), not all spirits may be ready to communicate at that specific moment in time. Essentially, thinking about our loved ones in spirit is like sending a phone call to the other side. In order for communication to take place, that person must choose to answer the call at that time.

Spirit is wise and tells us what we need to hear; not necessarily what we want to hear. This concept goes hand in hand with the intent of providing messages for the greatest and highest good. This can also be the most difficult part of receiving a true, no b.s. reading. As humans, we often focus and fixate on specific things we believe we want or need; as opposed to the deeper issue below the surface. Spirit often directs us to focus on healing these root issues so we may learn to be fully present and ready to receive what we truly desire and deserve.

When spirits communicate who they are, they may provide me with an image of themselves at a certain point during their lives. This may or may not be what they looked like just prior to their passing. Spirits can choose to show themselves as younger, or even older. They may also choose to show themselves as how they saw themselves; not necessarily what they actually looked like. For example, a woman’s grandmother presented herself to me as a look-alike to Jessica Rabbit. While her granddaughter confirmed she did not resemble Jessica Rabbit at all, her grandmother absolutely thought she did!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading

Information from spirit comes in very quickly and can be all over the place at times, so it is always a good idea to write down any specific questions or concerns you may have and bring them with you to the reading. Since spirit is leading the conversation, it is likely that the answers to your questions may unfold organically during the reading, but having a list to reference can be extremely helpful as well. As mentioned previously, there will be time set aside towards the end of the reading to answer any remaining questions.

Try to relax: If you were guided to receive messages for your highest and greatest good, then guidance and help is on the way! Your loved ones and spirit helpers only want the best for you. Communicating through a medium is just one of the many ways they offer their support each day.

Have an open mind and heart: Hyper-focusing on a specific issue or end-result may prevent or limit the receipt of other essential information. Spirit provides the messages we need at the time, and it is up to us to decide what to do with that information once received. Be open to receiving unexpected messages from potentially unexpected parties or related synchronistic events.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, I hope it was helpful!

About Me

Hi and thank you for stopping by! My name is Danielle Gonzales and I am a professionally trained Psychic, Medium, Channel, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Card Reader, Advanced Angel Practitioner, and Physical Empath. This means that I can feel your energy and that of spirit (human, animals, angels, guides, etc.) to receive messages and insights through sight, sounds, physical and emotional sensations, and intuitive understanding.

As an Arizona native, I've spent the past 15 years in healthcare, obtaining my B.S. in Business and Healthcare Management in 2021. Although this work made an impact, I felt that I could be of service in a deeper, more meaningful way. I began training as a professional psychic-medium in 2017, achieving Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki training and attunements in the years to follow. In 2022, I obtained certification as an Advanced Angel Practitioner, and completed advanced channeling training in 2023. ​

​Prior to stepping into this space, I believed that my sensitivities were more of a curse than a blessing. With the help of experienced mentors, ongoing self-work, continuous training, and my spiritual team, I now see my sensitivities as what they really are; blessings and tools to help others. The gratitude I hold for this transformation and to source are the foundation of all that I do. 

To learn more about me and how I work, click here.

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